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The U-Process


I use the U-Process as a creative process framework in my life coaching practice. It is a map of archetypal movements that can be observed both on a micro level – the becoming of a piece of art – and on a macro level – in a person’s biography.

The U-Process, or Theory U, was recently brought into mainstream application through the work of Otto Scharmer in his popular book, Theory U. The U-Process has its roots also in the work of Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner, who lived some hundred years earlier.


Sensing: This phase is what I call getting to the current reality of one’s life. This can include exploring biography, to better understand the present and shape the future. Current reality can be a hard thing to face fully, for therein lie our stuck places and our blind spots. But therein also lie the seeds, the potential, for manifesting our greatest contribution to the world.

Presencing: Also known as, Letting Go and Letting Come. Presencing demands that we let go of what we know and what we think, in order to allow new ideas and understanding to come to us. This phase is at the heart of the U-Process, and is a place of great power and potential. Letting go of what we do know, and at the same time not knowing what is coming, can be a scary prospect! However, this is the realm of true creativity, the source of inspiration.

Realizing: Grounding and putting into action – to realize our new knowledge – is something that happens simultaneously, as the U-Process is not really a linear process. We strive for concrete results and act upon our new awareness, whilst at the same time building new skills and capacities to shape our present and our future.

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