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“For the past year, my business partner and I have been coached by Louisa.  We have benefited tremendously from her support as we have clarified our roles and relationship, and made significant decisions about the ownership, infrastructure, and marketing message of our progressive, mission driven real estate company.

Louisa has been a crucial ally in our development as social entrepreneurs and executives.  Her approach is both intuitive and intelligent.  She is a clear communicator and able to synthesize and facilitate a fast moving conversation, adding value at every turn.  Louisa has a thorough knowledge of the terrain facing a socially and ecologically conscious team, and is able to bring her experience into relevancy for her clients.

Louisa keeps the sessions focused on all the important issues that we are working on and is also flexible enough to adapt to the needs of the moment. I recommend Louisa whole-heartedly to anyone who is ready to be coached!  If you allow her to work her magic, you will be a better person, and your business will have integrity!”

C.F. Sebastopol, CA. (Nov 2011)

“Louisa Barnum is truly wonderful to work with.  She has an amazing gift for listening and teaching in a way I haven’t experienced before.  She has a gift for picking out key pieces of information, asking very thoughtful questions, and reframing the collected information into the bigger picture.  She has taught me strategies that help me view recurrent issues in new ways, therefore finding different outcomes, and these strategies have helped me both personally and professionally.  Even though our consultations are over the phone, Louisa creates a very personal connection through her empathic voice, superb listening skills, and honest communication.  I would highly recommend Louisa.  She is a joy to work with!”

B.B.M., San Antonio (Nov, 2011)

“Louisa helped me realize I just had to be myself, express my feelings and show my heart. All the expectations were met. She even convinced me to seek [coaching] clients whose mother-tongue is English, although mine is Flemish.

Louisa is very compassionate, structured, who focuses on your strengths, purposes and creativity. She has a big heart, wherever you live in the world, she’s there for you! I’m very grateful we got connected.”

S.v.H., China (Jan, 2011)

“I started to work with Louisa because I was in the middle of a complete life change and I felt like I needed some support to go through this change. I needed to understand what was happening to me in order to be aware of my choices and the direction in which I was going. What I particularly appreciate in Louisa’s work is her ability to summarize my thoughts. I think I am very chaotic in expressing my feelings and thoughts and I do not follow myself so easily. Louisa is very good at formulating all my thoughts in very clear and short sentences. It helped me so much to get things clear!  And this is exactly why I needed her.”

Audrey B., Israel (May, 2010)

“Louisa, is by far the best life coach there is. In my particular case I had several issues that were at hand, and Louisa took each and every concern I had seriously. We made significant progress at EVERY session.  Louisa brings such clarity wisdom, knowledge, compassion and a true desire to help her clients. There is no doubt in my mind that she will help you follow through with your dreams.”

From K.S. USA (April, 2010)

“Louisa, I wish to tell you what a really wonderful coach you are! I thank you for your patience, and your perseverance with me. I may have been really challenging at times, as I didn’t manage to grasp what were the causes of my insecurities and limiting myself all the time. Thanks to your perseverance, and your motivating me to work on my underlying beliefs also and treat the roots of the problems, you helped me heal my wounds and free myself from what was preventing me to grow more and move forward. I thank you so much, since, because of you, I feel lighter, I feel even more committed than before to take myself and my dreams as a priority, while at the same time feeling more present for the people I love. You have much charisma and the depth of your experience also makes what you say even more genuine and powerful to help people find their way towards discovering their real self and spreading their wings to fly. I thank you sooooo very much for your support through all the different phases we went through together over the course of the sessions”

Naomi S., Germany. (September, 2009)

“When I was breaking down because my relationship of almost 20 years was falling apart, Louisa asked me the one and only question that had been hovering over my head for so many years and that I had never allowed myself to face, but once asked, was so resoundingly True that it enabled me to make the necessary changes and decisions in my life. Since then, I’m a different person and am working very hard – with Louisa at my side – to improve my ‘old self’ even more. I will be grateful to Louisa for the rest of my life!”

Roos D., Holland. (June, 2009)

“Louisa was able to adapt herself easily to any struggle/question I was having. For example, I am an actor trying to break into the film industry, and even though actors aren’t her specialty per say, she immediately zeroed in on all of the factors that need to be dealt with in order for me to move forward with my goal of becoming a working actor (like branding, for example, which she is really good with, as well as the deeper things, like my motives and emotional factors).

After just one session (first one is free anyway!), I felt like I was suddenly thrilled to walk down a once treacherous road, and after one more session I felt ready to fulfill my dream, and clear on how to do it.”

From Audrey T., California. (July, 2009)