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Separating the essential from the inessential

How do we come to know what is truly essential in our lives, to the degree that the inessential is then allowed to fall away? How do we get rid of the detritus that is weighing us down? This can be a technical problem, like taking care of all the boxes of stuff crowding the house and our lives. Mostly, however, it is an issue of inner work. One doesn’t know how to live without something, a comfort or prop in one’s life, until one does. Read More »

Doing our inner work

What are we doing when we “do our inner work”? What is there to show for our efforts?

First, we become aware of what is operating in us. Becoming aware turns into a practice, an orientation, a priority. It gets built into our lives as there is no limit to what we can learn about ourselves as we peel away the layers like an onion – sometimes the same issues at work, but at a new level – and like also a vortex, circling back around but to a higher level, or deeper down. Read More »

Defining the Qualities Of Will

I have tried to break down the components of the will, and take a look at each. This is just a beginning of what is possible when studying the will, and I am learning – painfully – more all the time. I have been working on the development of my will for my entire adult life, mostly out of need and lack, and also out of desire to master something that will enable me to fulfill every bit of my potential. I want that for you too. Read More »

Owning your biography

There is a question, born out of the fire of suffering, that goes like this: “What do my experiences have to do with my destiny?” Such a question arises out of the need to make sense of our life experiences – why did this happen to me? There is opportunity and meaning in all of our life experiences, if we can but find it. Read More »

Owning What Happens To You

How can I help you see how you have already set up the conditions for the way your life is evolving right now? Since you were a little child, your family, your experiences and how you internalized everything, has created so much of your world view, of the way you have chosen to understand, to make sense of, yourself and your life. The thing in the road that trips you up is made of your mental models, your decisions, and how you have chosen to see yourself and the world. Read More »

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