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6 essentials to providing a great coaching service

As a coach, do I provide a great service to my clients? Is there more I could do? I am busy with this question every day!

I decided to review what I have learned about my client’s needs as they have arisen out of our work together, and I found some surprising truths about what my clients really need from me. Read More »

Business Practice as World Changing

As I have worked over the past 3 years with social entrepreneurs, parents, and other coaches, I have seen over and over again that everyone is struggling with the same question: how can I manifest my destiny and do meaningful, world changing things, AND support myself and my family at the same time? I have seen how people have amazing gifts of insight and capacity, but no earthly idea how they can bring what they have into the world in a useful, helpful way. These folks are change makers, idealistic and with integrity. They are not ungrounded or impractical, but are truly stumped with this question. Read More »

What is the Will?

Simply put, your will is that part of you that moves your limbs. It can be urges that arise out of our unconscious upon which we automatically act as a habit, like scratching an itch, turning on the TV. Or it could be expressed in the grim determination to meet a deadline, or it’s opposite: the softness and surrender behind the movements of a masterful Tai Chi practitioner. The will is a sleeping potential, capable of manifesting in a number of different ways, depending on what we choose to cultivate and how much consciousness we bring to it. Read More »

Being generative: Caring for the tone in our delivery

(This article was written as the third installment of three articles on being generative in any situation where you want to be helpful. Please check out the first one: Being Generative in a Supporting Relationship, and the second: Being Generative: Ask a Question.)

How we are heard by another depends a great deal on the gesture of our delivery. There are many ways to say “okay”. It can sound excited and positive – “okay!”, or it can sound sarcastic and unconvinced – “ohhkaaaay”, depending entirely on the quality one infuses in the saying of it. It is still the same word, with a thousand different inflections possible. Tone sets the stage for how the other will listen to you. Read More »

Being Generative: Ask a Question

(This article was written as the second installment of three articles on being generative in any situation where you want to be helpful. Please check out the first one: Being generative in a supporting relationship.)

A simple technique for mitigating any judgments or projections that may be present, is to ask a question instead of making a statement. Asking questions is hands down the best way to create a generative space. However, not all questions are created equal, and here are some helpful and unhelpful kinds of questions to consider. Read More »

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