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Do you believe you SHOULD journal, that it would be good for you, but you just…. don’t? Or forget to do it? Or dislike it, or feel plain silly about doing it?

I can relate. Writing never used to be something I showed a natural aptitude towards, nor an inclination, and therefore journaling has been a frustrating thing to get comfortable with! However I have persevered, because journaling is the single best and sometimes only place where I consciously and deliberately reflect on my life and the inner processes I go though, especially when times get tough. I love journaling now, and I believe that my favorite, hard-won tips below will help you get on the road towards successful, fun, and rewarding journaling!

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How To Use the U-Process As A Life Coaching Tool

Coming to know ourselves better and actively re-creating our lives can be unnecessarily fraught with fear and pitfalls when we don’t fully understand the archetypal movements of personal transformation. The U-Process is helpful because it provides a framework for the personal growth and development many of us are seeking in our life and work.

The U-Process was originally developed as a methodology for helping teams, organizations, and multi-stakeholder groups to collectively solve tough social problems. After reading the book Theory U (by Otto Scharmer), I saw the possibilities for adapting the theories to coaching. Read More »

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