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Being generative: Caring for the tone in our delivery

(This article was written as the third installment of three articles on being generative in any situation where you want to be helpful. Please check out the first one: Being Generative in a Supporting Relationship, and the second: Being Generative: Ask a Question.)

How we are heard by another depends a great deal on the gesture of our delivery. There are many ways to say “okay”. It can sound excited and positive – “okay!”, or it can sound sarcastic and unconvinced – “ohhkaaaay”, depending entirely on the quality one infuses in the saying of it. It is still the same word, with a thousand different inflections possible. Tone sets the stage for how the other will listen to you. Read More »

Being Generative: Ask a Question

(This article was written as the second installment of three articles on being generative in any situation where you want to be helpful. Please check out the first one: Being generative in a supporting relationship.)

A simple technique for mitigating any judgments or projections that may be present, is to ask a question instead of making a statement. Asking questions is hands down the best way to create a generative space. However, not all questions are created equal, and here are some helpful and unhelpful kinds of questions to consider. Read More »

Being generative in a supporting relationship

There is a skill and art to setting up and maintaining the conditions for a generative partnership between a coach and client, and the ways that is done will be very individual. However, I propose that there are some principles at work that will be helpful to anyone finding themselves in a coaching role, including team leaders looking for more productive ways of supporting and coaching their teams. Read More »

Meditation – what you need to know

Many people will give meditation a go because they are open to techniques and tools that they understand are supposed to be helpful, but quickly become disappointed because the rewards to be had are minuscule compared to the effort expended. This is all very understandable; it takes practice and commitment to become good at anything, and in the case of meditation the benefits to be had are hard to articulate and just as hard to perceive. Read More »


Are you in a situation where you have something hanging over your head to do, but you can’t seem to muster your forces to do it? For instance, going to the gym regularly, or other kinds of regular self-care? Or perhaps other stuff that brings out the dreaded “should” word?

Maybe you are also giving yourself a very hard time about how you aren’t doing what you ought to, and there is some pretty negative self-talk going on about how you are “failing” or “childish”, or perhaps even “stupid”! I really want you to know something about what it takes to get things done, and how you can transform once difficult and overwhelming tasks into something do-able and even enjoyable. Read More »

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