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What is the Will?

Simply put, your will is that part of you that moves your limbs. It can be urges that arise out of our unconscious upon which we automatically act as a habit, like scratching an itch, turning on the TV. Or it could be expressed in the grim determination to meet a deadline, or it’s opposite: the softness and surrender behind the movements of a masterful Tai Chi practitioner. The will is a sleeping potential, capable of manifesting in a number of different ways, depending on what we choose to cultivate and how much consciousness we bring to it. Read More »

Owning your biography

There is a question, born out of the fire of suffering, that goes like this: “What do my experiences have to do with my destiny?” Such a question arises out of the need to make sense of our life experiences – why did this happen to me? There is opportunity and meaning in all of our life experiences, if we can but find it. Read More »

Owning What Happens To You

How can I help you see how you have already set up the conditions for the way your life is evolving right now? Since you were a little child, your family, your experiences and how you internalized everything, has created so much of your world view, of the way you have chosen to understand, to make sense of, yourself and your life. The thing in the road that trips you up is made of your mental models, your decisions, and how you have chosen to see yourself and the world. Read More »

Owning your needs

We all have needs, there is no denying it. Every action we take is based upon a strategy to get those needs met. The real question here is how aware are we of our needs? In my own life, and in the family and the culture that I grew up in, needs were things to be denied. There was empowerment to be had in being self-sufficient, in not needing much at all. This is admirable, but when there is a need for consideration, respect and care in an abusive relationship, or when there is a need for clarity and communication in an unclear, messy work situation, donʼt you think it would be good to know what your needs are very concretely? Read More »

Owning Your Feelings

If someone is mean to you, gets angry at you for no good reason, how would you feel about it? You might feel calm and pitying towards the angry other, or instead you might feel upset. How you feel or react depends on alot of factors. Those factors are tied up with how you are triggered, depending on your past experiences, your biography, and how you have learnt to react. So you see, your feelings, or your reactions in that moment, really are not as dependent upon the other as you might think. Read More »

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