Business Practice as World Changing

As I have worked over the past 3 years with social entrepreneurs, parents, and other coaches, I have seen over and over again that everyone is struggling with the same question: how can I manifest my destiny and do meaningful, world changing things, AND support myself and my family at the same time? I have seen how people have amazing gifts of insight and capacity, but no earthly idea how they can bring what they have into the world in a useful, helpful way. These folks are change makers, idealistic and with integrity. They are not ungrounded or impractical, but are truly stumped with this question.

I believe that figuring this out is a big opportunity for personal growth, and the medium for this is the context of business practice. I have been exploring and experiencing this for myself in the development of my coaching practice, and in reading a ton of business books, gleaning from both places some basic, fundamental principles of business practice.

What I have learned in the process is that we human beings are bridge builders  – we are challenged to deepen our connection to Source (spirituality, God, insert your own word here) whilst at the same time deepening our understanding and grounding in earthly existence. We are the ways in which the world gets transformed, or to put another way, through our own transformation, the world is transformed also. In order to be a real force of healing and transformation that we have the potential to be, we have one foot in the place of inspiration, imagination, creativity, and one foot in practical daily reality.

I believe that business provides the main contemporary tool for world transformation, partly because it is such a part of our daily existence and survival. Business is a picture of where we are at, with all its dysfunctions and problems and rules of practice, and pervades everything in our cultural, societal, economic and political spheres, which in their turn have impacted the face of our planet in untold ways.

I have found that with my self and my clients, the very experiences that have been most fraught with difficulties, and the very wound that is hardest to heal, is where the most opportunity lies for transformation. “Your wound is your gift” is an archetype that I see being expressed everywhere. In the context of business, this holds true as well. The rules and practices of business to many seem dry and disassociated from impulses of meaning and purpose, integrity and generosity.  Moreover, business can be a destructive force, which we see exercised by corporations the world over. However, there is opportunity here, and for the world changer or social entrepreneur, business provides a platform of tools, techniques, best practices, and structures in which the creativity and determination of a person with vision can have greater impact than ever before.

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