What is the Will?

Simply put, your will is that part of you that moves your limbs. It can be urges that arise out of our unconscious upon which we automatically act as a habit, like scratching an itch, turning on the TV. Or it could be expressed in the grim determination to meet a deadline, or it’s opposite: the softness and surrender behind the movements of a masterful Tai Chi practitioner. The will is a sleeping potential, capable of manifesting in a number of different ways, depending on what we choose to cultivate and how much consciousness we bring to it.

The will forms the bridge between the spiritual world and the physical. It is the necessary part of being human on this earth, as the redemptor of the physical world, and lifting it up to the spiritual. For is that not why we are here? Through our striving to “live our ideals and values” – surely spiritual endeavors – are we not striving to transform ourselves and the world with us? This is it’s esoteric aspect. It brings the force of our intention into the world, it bridges the spiritual idea into the physical world and thus brings healing all around, and only can this happen through the will. Intention is not enough, great ideas won’t do it. It is what you do with what you have that changes everything.

Have you ever wondered at the tremendous amount of energy and fitness it must require of the migrating birds that journey thousands of miles twice every year? Rather than being a phenomenon of a cruel Nature that pits them against the odds of survival, I wonder instead if that physical deed is what keeps them alive and vigorous? The migration of the birds being a picture, an analog, of how thrilling, how empowering, how beautiful and poetic is the movement of the will.

Movement is the natural state of life, and where it rests is where it drops into crystalized form, it has then hardened and become stuck. Ideas can be fixed and unmovable in this way. A closed, stuck mind is an anathema to the heart, whose function is in sensing the movement and status of the blood. Moreover, the heart actually develops it’s form in the  tiny fetus out of the pulsing movement of the blood, as has been seen in embryology. The movement of water has the power to bring down mountains, but not so a standing pool. Will is movement, doing. Potential waits for action in order to be embodied.

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