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Separating the essential from the inessential

How do we come to know what is truly essential in our lives, to the degree that the inessential is then allowed to fall away? How do we get rid of the detritus that is weighing us down? This can be a technical problem, like taking care of all the boxes of stuff crowding the house and our lives. Mostly, however, it is an issue of inner work. One doesn’t know how to live without something, a comfort or prop in one’s life, until one does. Read More »

6 essentials to providing a great coaching service

As a coach, do I provide a great service to my clients? Is there more I could do? I am busy with this question every day!

I decided to review what I have learned about my client’s needs as they have arisen out of our work together, and I found some surprising truths about what my clients really need from me. Read More »

Business Practice as World Changing

As I have worked over the past 3 years with social entrepreneurs, parents, and other coaches, I have seen over and over again that everyone is struggling with the same question: how can I manifest my destiny and do meaningful, world changing things, AND support myself and my family at the same time? I have seen how people have amazing gifts of insight and capacity, but no earthly idea how they can bring what they have into the world in a useful, helpful way. These folks are change makers, idealistic and with integrity. They are not ungrounded or impractical, but are truly stumped with this question. Read More »

Doing our inner work

What are we doing when we “do our inner work”? What is there to show for our efforts?

First, we become aware of what is operating in us. Becoming aware turns into a practice, an orientation, a priority. It gets built into our lives as there is no limit to what we can learn about ourselves as we peel away the layers like an onion – sometimes the same issues at work, but at a new level – and like also a vortex, circling back around but to a higher level, or deeper down. Read More »

Defining the Qualities Of Will

I have tried to break down the components of the will, and take a look at each. This is just a beginning of what is possible when studying the will, and I am learning – painfully – more all the time. I have been working on the development of my will for my entire adult life, mostly out of need and lack, and also out of desire to master something that will enable me to fulfill every bit of my potential. I want that for you too. Read More »

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