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Who I am

Introducing Louisa Barnum

Louisa Barnum  is a coach who works with executive leaders, and small business owners. She helps her clients build the necessary capacities to succeed in their businesses through a combination of rigorous inner development practices and organizational development.

Louisa also supports life coaching clients in transforming their relationships and their communication with others. She has supported clients who have life threatening illnesses, childhood trauma, and who are working to overcome depression.

Louisa has deep interest in inner development, social systems innovation, creativity, and business building. She works with and teaches Non-Violent Communication techniques. Louisa is also a classically trained musician, a business owner, serial entrepreneur, and mother of two children.

Louisa has a bachelors degree in violin performance from Victoria University, New Zealand. She also studied classical singing for two years at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague under Rina Cornelissens, and is currently studying classical singing privately under Nicolle Foland of San Francisco.  She has completed the Goethean Studies program at Rudolf Steiner College (Sacramento), a year-long course exploring the links between contemplative practice, scientific observation, and artistic work.

The name “Raven” was chosen because of its symbolic relevance to her work. The Raven appeared in many ancient alchemical pictures and texts as a symbol for the eating of dead concepts and bringing new life to them. The raven (ravenously) consumes concepts, which are dead when they are words on a page and must be brought to life within the soul of the adept, the seeker. The raven is the first symbolic door through which the seeker goes on the journey towards personal mastery.

Louisa lives in Northern California with her husband, children, and myriad cats and chickens.