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Dear Social Entrepreneur,

Translating your inner imagination for changing the world into a successful, profitable business that delivers real value to the market place can be very challenging.

I want to help you build a bridge, that spans the gap between the realm of Ideal – the healing power of new, creative ideas and social healing impulse – and the realm of practical reality, where the challenges of business and worldly limitations can foil even the best of intentions.

I work with entrepreneurs who have an inner calling, who want to make a difference in the world, but don’t know how to translate it into a healthy business (whether it be a for- profit or a non-profit business model). I help them turn that imagination into something that has a real value proposition for others, and moreover, help them structure their business model, services and products in healthy and profitable ways. I want my clients to realize their potential, to fulfill their destinies, and find opportunity in that most challenging of contexts: business.

I believe that building businesses provides both an inner journey of personal transformation, as well as an ideal format for being a change maker in our society today.  Business is a picture of our current reality, of our cultural world view and the rules by which we collectively live. Moreover, within business practices lie disciplines and opportunities that provide us with what we need to be the change we want to see.

As your business coach I will help you:

  • connect more deeply to your purpose and your destiny,
  • understand the principles of business, and their deeper context,
  • generate an innovative and solid business model,
  • create a strong value proposition,
  • broadcast your message through clear and sophisticated marketing strategies,
  • make a profit doing what you love.

I am a bridge builder between social entrepreneurs and the people they want to reach. Let me help you build yours.

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    "I thank you so much, since, because of you, I feel lighter, I feel even more committed than before to take myself and my dreams as a priority."

    - N.G., Germany

    "I will be grateful to Louisa for the rest of my life!”

    - R.D., Holland

    “Louisa is by far the best life coach there is.”

    - K.S. CA